• Archives of Pediatric Neurosurgery
    Vol. 2 No. 2(May-August) (2020)

    Dr. James T. Goodrich dedicated his life to saving children with complex neurological conditions. He had a particular interest in the treatment of craniofacial  abnormalities. He was a pioneer in this field and developed a multi-stage approach for separating craniopagus twins who have their brain and skull conjoined. In 2016, he famously led a team of 40 doctors in a 27-hour procedure to separate the McDonald twins. Throughout his distinguished career, he became known as the world’s leading expert on this lifesaving procedure. He has been consulted on hundreds of cases, and he routinely traveled the world sharing his vast knowledge and expertise with colleagues.


    Figure Credits: Dr. Henrique Tardelli

    We gratefully appreciate his contribution.
    Dr. Henrique Tardeli is a plastic surgeon and an illustration artist.

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